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The ¡Gaudylupes! is one of the city level home teams of Arizona Roller Derby.

… Now with more piñata!

Gaudylupes Team Photo 2012

Photo courtesy of Mr. Ravelyn 

Dewey Decks'emall 2014-Ravelyn

Dewey Decks’emall


Chachi Patron No Picture

Chachi Patron

Charlie Force

Keshie No Picture


EnYa DreamZ

PulHitzHer Prize 2014-GingerRootYa

PulHitzHer Prize

Ginger RootYa

No Picture 2014-Liev_N0_Bodies

Strawberry Hurt Cakes

Liev N0 Bodies

2014-Ivy_Push No Picture

Ivy Push

Hawaiian Blaze

No Picture No Picture

Don’t Blink

Heroin Monroe

No Picture No Picture

RockHell Welch

Stella Lugrosi